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Civil Litigation for Non-Lawyers

This plain English guide to civil cases in New Zealand was published by The Legal Drive in 2021. It is [available here].

The book provides information about how to run a civil court case in New Zealand. It includes guidance on how to commence a claim in the District Court and the High Court, including what information is needed for particular documents. There is a detailed section on court costs with tables and examples. It also includes chapters on alternative dispute resolution, employment issues, residential tenancies and disputes tribunals. The book is suited to beginners to civil disputes and procedures. 


Various articles published by in 2015 are available on this website. The content of these has now been revised, updated and included in the 2021 publication Civil Litigation for Non-Lawyers. The 2015 articles are still available [here], although please note that they may now be out of date.


Evidence and Advocacy for Civil and Commercial Litigators – Auckland – 8 June 2021

Receive practical guidance on crafting effective written and oral submissions.

Human Resource Law Management Summit 2021 – Auckland – TBC

Dealing with issues on bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.


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