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If the respondent does not file a statement in reply within time then the employment relationship problem is referred to an ‘Authority Member’ for a decision about whether a case management conference, mediation or investigation meeting should be allocated.

‘Authority Members’ are the people who determine employment relationship problems in the Employment Relations Authority. So they are in the same kind of role as a judge.

Case management conference

Case management conferences convened by the Employment Relations Authority may be conducted by phone. They are often brief, informal and limited to matters of a procedural nature. Issues may be clarified, witnesses identified and a timetable established for an investigation meeting and steps to be taken in the lead up to that meeting.

Translators and other assistance

If you think the conference might present a difficulty due to some disability, or if you think you would need a translator, then you should contact the support officer assigned to your case to see what can be done to assist you. You might have received the name of the support officer in a notice of a case management conference or other correspondence from the Employment Relations Authority about your case. If you do not know the name or contact details of your support officer then, as a starting point, you should make contact with the Employment Relations Authority.


Another mediation may be unlikely where the parties have already tried to resolve their employment relationship problem in that way before escalating it to the Employment Relations Authority. However, the Authority will at least consider whether another mediation might be worthwhile before an investigation meeting is convened. There may have been some development since an earlier mediation that might cause the Authority to ask the parties to give it another go. See those pages dealing with employment mediations and mediations in general for more.

Note: This content was originally published by in 2015. Disclaimer